Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker: From humble beginnings to galactic domination! Will you become a benevolent space ruler or a ruthless intergalactic emperor?

Planet Clicker welcomes you to space exploration with gameplay that couldn't be simpler. You will step onto an invisible spaceship in the virtual world. Start your journey to the stars in the solar system on our beloved Earth. Accumulate lots of energy, unlock upgrades, and continue to other planets. In this clicker game, players can move from Earth to Mars and Venus with just a few simple operations. Ready to dive endlessly into this marvelous virtual universe?

Explore the Detailed Gameplay

  • Planet Clicker starts on our wonderful planet, Earth.
  • You just need to press the spacebar or repeatedly click on the globe icon on the screen.
  • Each key press corresponds to one energy. This score is used to exchange for upgrades.
  • Upgrades in this game come in two main types: key click power and automatic score increases.
  • Unlocking Mars and Venus is similar: enough energy is needed.
  • Each of these worlds is different, with accessibility increasing as the journey progresses.

To Unlock All the Upgrades

To unlock all upgrades, you need patience and specific strategies. There is no need to accumulate too much for advanced features. During the first few days of participating, just unlock the first upgrades on the list. This not only helps you shorten the time but also facilitates getting more points in one click or one second.

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