Cluster Rush

Experience the endless truck adventure of Cluster Rush, and challenge your improvisation skills with this unique rhythm-based game!

Cluster Rush will challenge your skills and improvisation speed with thrilling adventures. The game has a first-person perspective that creates a heart-stopping feeling with every movement. The analogy of this rhythm game to a race against time and space is not accidental. You will have to jump from one container to another, trying to maintain stability with unpredictable moves. This is not just a simple game about running away, but also a battle with yourself and keystroke timing. Just a small mistake can cause you to have to start over from the beginning.

But don't think it stops there. In Cluster Rush, you also have to face dangerous natural challenges such as obstacles, rolling rocks, or even never-before-seen dark tunnels. Each round is a new journey, bringing you endlessly interesting and difficult experiences. With dozens of levels and unique challenges, this game will make you fascinated and want to explore more. The secret to victory lies not only in mastering skills but also in feeling and immersing yourself in the rhythm of the game.

How to Play

Gamers use the spacebar to jump; hold down this key to row. When jumping left or right, use the corresponding arrow command key. Note that if you don't act quickly, the current container will gradually drop to the bottom of the screen and disappear. In addition, pay attention to using effective key combinations for difficult climbing operations.

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