Geometry Dash Sonic Wave

Geometry Dash Sonic Wave is a highly challenging and intense level in the Geometry Dash series. It has gained a reputation as one of the most difficult levels in the game. With its fast-paced gameplay, intricate design, and exhilarating soundtrack, Sonic Wave pushes players to their limits and tests their reflexes and precision.

How To Play


The level starts with a medium-speed cube part that requires precise timing. There is a short maze made of blocks where the player needs to click late to avoid hitting a blue orb on the second platform.


In this section, the player controls a fast-moving ship and has to avoid saw blades. The gravity and size of the ship keep changing, and there are spikes between the sloping buildings. The player needs to navigate carefully.


After a quick transition, the player enters a slow ball segment that requires precise timing. There are gravity changes and a dual mini ball section where the player must reverse gravity at the right time. To prevent falling, the player must jump immediately after entering the cube portal.


This part is a challenging wave section with narrow gaps and saw blades. The player then faces a mini-wave segment with moving saw blades, requiring specific movement. Afterward, there is a standard wave with tight spaces and saw blades. The player then enters a twin mini-wave section with hidden blocks.


The player encounters a difficult mini-wave section where they need to hold the space button to avoid a platform and narrowly miss spikes. Then there is a normal gravity portal followed by a slightly spacious mini-wave part. The player must click quickly to avoid saw blades in the next mini-wave section.


This section is a simple cube part where the player needs to hit jump orbs and maintain a consistent rhythm as the speed increases.


Here, the player faces another challenging wave section with tight spaces and more saw blades. It transitions into a dual wave where the player must navigate carefully to avoid unseen blocks and spikes. After returning to a regular wave through a gravity portal, the player must dodge spikes, saw blades, and blocks.


The player starts with a slow mini-wave section where they need to avoid blocks and saw blades. Then they have to maneuver through a narrow gap between hills. Next is a memory-based cube part that requires precise timing.


The final segment is a fast wave section with narrow gaps, followed by a mini-wave section with tight spaces and saw blades. The player then returns to a slow normal wave part where they must navigate through hills, with the speed increasing halfway. Finally, there is a fast mini-wave section with the words "GG Cyclic" made of blocks that the player needs to spam over.

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