Slice Master

Slice Master

Slice Master: Throw your knife like a pro to slice everything possible in a colorful world. Enjoy, create your own way of scoring, and master the game!

Slice Master will take you to a land of beautiful lands with fun challenges. This skill game will challenge the player's skill with a knife. The main object you will maneuver is an extremely sharp knife. You can use it to cut everything on platforms, but it won't work on carpets. Your task is to align key presses accurately so that the entity slashes through items and scores points. A variety of foods, fruits, and even wooden objects can become your targets. Your knife in Slice Master can also soar and rotate many times to continuously move forward. You need to concentrate to control key operations properly and complete the level.

The scoring method in this game is also uniquely creative. During the round, your score will be equivalent to the bonus. To improve your performance at each level, skillfully guide the knife to the most ideal coefficient in the last color column. New levels open up one by one, taking you to visit amazing places like pyramids, beaches, grassy hills, and more.

How to Play

Each time you click your mouse, the knife will jump up and rotate once. Please calculate meticulously for a safe landing point and continue.

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