Capybara Evolution: Clicker

Capybara Evolution: Clicker

Tap your way to capybara supremacy in Capybara Evolution: Clicker. Grow your adorable capybara from a lone chillster to a majestic mega-capybara!

Capybara Evolution: Clicker is waiting for you, animal lovers! Let's meet the "hot trend" right in the virtual world with an extremely simple raising task. You will play the role of a farmer on an online farm with cute capybaras. Just imagine that one beautiful day, you receive a gift from the game world - a tiny egg. After constantly touching it, the egg hatched into a capybara. You will have the mission of raising this small animal with extremely simple operations.

Engaging clicker gameplay with creative upgrades will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. It's not just a race to unlock upgrades, but also a goal of turning the character into a mature individual. So, what are the entrancing upgrades in this clicker game?

Click and Unlock Charming Upgrades

All you need to do in Capybara Evolution: Clicker is click endlessly on the animal in the middle of the screen. To conveniently track the progress of unlocking accessibility, click on the shop section. Here, players can track the trade-in value of upgrades that can increase click power or trigger automatic counting. You can buy as many upgrades as you like, as long as you qualify. Besides, remember that only the clicks you make yourself will cause capybara's level to increase.

Clicker Gameplay with a Creative Theme