Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2 is an exciting clicker game where you boost energy production and venture into new planets. Enhance your energy production by purchasing and upgrading, allowing for continuous progress. Explore numerous new features and planets introduced in this second version of the game for an enhanced gameplay experience.

How To Play

In Planet Clicker 2, you harness the resources of various planets to generate more energy units. Each new planet unlocked presents advanced technologies and higher production capacity. Explore a multitude of new planets in this sequel, expanding beyond Earth to discover new energy harvesting methods such as nuclear, oil, and even Martian technology. Unleash your potential and tap into the peculiar technologies and resources of each planet to fuel your energy production journey.


  • Conquer the solar system through colonization.
  • Embark on an exploration of new planets and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Accumulate unimaginable quantities of energy units.