Geometry Meltdown

Geometry Meltdown

The blazing flames of Geometry Meltdown will engulf every ounce of your sanity. Dash through the molten platformer game and pass triumphantly!

Geometry Meltdown invites you on a journey through fiery lands of molten lava. Can your enthusiasm's fire overcome this suffocating heat? Let's start the adventure and prove your divine skills. If you are a new player, you definitely need to practice many times to fully grasp the unique properties of a special object in the round. Let's explore a little more closely!

The Fascinating Gameplay

Your task in Geometry Meltdown is to guide a small cube to the finished line. Each time you collide, your round will restart. Gamers will have to face a series of dangers, such as spikes, fire saws, monsters, and rivers of molten fire. Besides, you need to be careful with the sharp corners and sides of floating blocks, columns, and walls. Your character can transform into a ship and a ball with different movement properties. In particular, pay attention to the rhythm-based element in gameplay to make each journey more exciting.

How to Control

You just need to use one of the following three keys: the left mouse button, the spacebar, or the up arrow key.

Some Tips for You

  • Try the first level several times to get used to the gameplay, because this is the easiest.
  • Try the practice mode to shorten the time it takes to master map design.
  • Focus on getting to the finish line first and collecting the mystery coins later.
  • Use music as an accessibility tool, or turn it off if it bothers you.

More Challenges in the Geometric World

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