Geometry Dash Bloodlust

Geometry Dash Bloodlust is a very hard level called an Extreme Demon. It is a mega-collaboration level that has a rating of 10 stars. Bloodlust is a remake and bigger version of another level called Bloodbath. It is famous for its complicated effects, detailed designs, and difficult gameplay set in a hellish environment.

How To Play

0-3%: The level starts with a challenging part where the player controls a small ship and needs to fly straight. The background shows a message related to the game Terraria. There are some funny nicknames displayed.

4-9%: The next part is similar to the original level called Bloodbath. The player collects a key and there are changes made by different creators. There is some friendly banter between them.

10-19%: This section features a small ship with some extra obstacles. The gameplay is a bit harder than the original. The name of the level appears before the next part.

20-25%: The gameplay becomes more precise in this section. The background turns dark, and there are tighter routes and different challenges.

26-30%: The darkness effect continues in this part, making it harder to see obstacles. Some negative comments are displayed, but the gameplay is still tough.

31-38%: The segment is recreated with some additional challenges, making it harder to progress. There are no major changes in the cube section.

39-42%: The ball section is replaced with a ship and UFO sequence, requiring precise flying and navigating through tight gaps. The last part before the automatic cube section creates tension.

43-48%: The section features a swing-copter segment and a ship sequence. The player needs to navigate carefully and avoid invisible spikes.

49-53%: This part is largely the same as before, but with some adjustments. The player faces tighter gaps and shifting gravity.

54-55%: The gameplay and effects in this section are adjusted, making the ball part more challenging.

56-57%: A short and difficult mini-UFO section with precise timings.

58-62%: The section begins with a wave part, followed by an anti-gravity gateway. The wave transitions into a redesigned phase with a dark and narrow corridor. A dual cube replaces the signature of one of the creators.

63-66%: This section remains mostly the same, with some added details. The player must take a specific approach to avoid falling on spikes.

67-72%: The extension starts with a monster carrying the player and a message indicating that it's not over. This is followed by a fast-paced ship sequence and a challenging robot part.

73-76%: A half-speed wave part with tight passages is featured here. The player then experiences fast-paced gameplay as a UFO and a ball.

77-80%: The player goes through difficult flying sequences involving portals and UFOs. There is a tight tunnel with spikes and changes in gravity and form. The section concludes with a challenging cube part and a mini-wave section.

90-94%: This section begins with a straight-flying ship sequence that includes changes in form and gravity. The player needs to navigate carefully.

95-100%: Near the end, the gameplay slows down, and the player becomes half-speed. It requires precise timing and skill. The level concludes with a dramatic visual of a crimson moon and a final spike obstacle to cross.

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