Geometry Dash Nine Circles

Geometry Dash Nine Circles (NC) is a challenging level known as a Hard Demon. It has a rating of 10 stars and has inspired many users to create their own versions of the level, called Nine Circles levels. Currently, it is the fourth most downloaded Demon level in Geometry Dash.

How To Play

User Coins

This level has three user coins that require a moderate level of skill to collect. The second coin is considered the most challenging, while the first and final coins are relatively easier.

The first coin is located in the ball section. To get back on track, the player needs to avoid a yellow orb, fall onto fake spikes, and change the gravity.

The second coin is found in the wave part. When the player is in an anti-gravity wave, there is a coin positioned on top of a saw blade. To grab it, the player must deviate from the regular path and carefully time their movements to avoid colliding with the saw blade. After getting the coin, they should click once, then click and hold a second time to safely exit the dangerous area.

The third and last coin is located in the final cube area. By hitting the edge of the second-to-last jump pad and bouncing on the jump orb at the last moment, the cube will be propelled far enough away from the last jump pad and beneath the word "Zobros". The surrounding spikes disappear, and the coin appears on the screen with a message saying, "NOICE."

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