digdig.io is a fun and addictive online multiplayer game that revolves around digging and collecting resources. The game offers an enjoyable gaming experience, where you engage in a thrilling race for territory against other players, aiming to grow larger. Play digdig.io now and strive to become the biggest character in the arena. Currently, there are two supported modes: FFA (Free-for-All) and Team Deathmatch, providing diverse gameplay options to suit your preferences.

How To Play

Use your mouse to move around and collect water, which is essential for your growth. Keep an eye out for other resources that can provide armor and accelerate your growth rate. Be cautious of lava, as it will deplete your health. Once you have grown to a significant size, you can challenge other players to earn more points. However, make sure to monitor your health and armor levels before engaging in battles with other players.


  • Movement: Utilize your mouse to navigate your character.
  • Acceleration: Hold down the left mouse button to increase your speed.
  • Deceleration: Hold down the right mouse button to apply brakes and slow down your movement.