is an engaging multiplayer social deduction game reminiscent of Among Us. In this game, players assume the roles of either crewmates or secret saboteurs known as 'betrayers'. The betrayer's objective is to disrupt operations and create chaos, while the crewmates must diligently fulfill their duties while avoiding elimination. Work together, stay vigilant, and uncover the betrayer's true identity to ensure the success of your crew!

How To Play

Play as a crewmates

As a crewmate, your objective is to diligently complete tasks while avoiding being eliminated. If you suspect the presence of a betrayer, you have the option to call for a meeting and initiate a vote to eject them from the game.

Play as a betrayers

Betrayers possess the ability to disrupt crewmate activities and eliminate them. Utilize vents strategically to move undetected throughout the game. Your goal as a betrayer is to eliminate all crewmates and secure victory for your team.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your character.
  • Press the space bar or E key to interact with objects or characters.
  • Press the M key to open the map and view your surroundings.
  • Press the Esc key to close any open interfaces or menus.