EvoWars.io is an exciting top-down online battle arena game. Collect orbs, battle with other players, and evolve your warrior to become stronger. Each evolution enhances your weapon range while reducing your movement speed. How many foes can you defeat before meeting your own demise?

How To Play

Gathering orbs to empower your warrior with each evolution. Engage in combat wielding various weapons like swords and axes. Fight relentlessly until your adversaries overpower you. 

Key Features

  • Intense slashing gameplay for eliminating opponents
  • Level up and evolve with over 15 character models
  • Define your unique play style and make the most of every opportunity
  • Sprint ability available, but it consumes experience points

Useful Tips

  • Prioritize collecting orbs located on the outer edges of the map, especially when you are at a lower level.
  • As you grow in size, your weapon range expands, but keep in mind that your movement speed decreases. Stay vigilant and exercise caution.
  • Utilize your increased speed when you are smaller to your advantage. Employ evasive maneuvers and agile gameplay tactics, especially in lower levels.
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