Cubes is an addictive online game that combines Snake and 2048. Collect cubes, eat smaller players, and merge cubes with the same value to grow bigger and score higher.

How To Play

In Cubes 2048, a thrilling .io game inspired by 2048, you'll navigate through a 3D arena. Your objective is to gather blocks and increase your size. Merge two blocks of the same number to form a larger block with their combined value. Take advantage of consuming smaller numbers, including those belonging to other players. However, be cautious of larger opponents who may attempt to devour you or snatch your blocks. 

Control Options


  • Change direction by moving the mouse
  • Speed up by holding down the left-click or space bar


  • Move by dragging on the screen


  • Engage in online gameplay within a large multiplayer arena
  • Compete with other players on the real-time leaderboard
  • Utilize a variety of power-ups to enhance your performance
  • Enjoy Cubes 2048 on both desktop and mobile devices

Tips And Tricks

  • Cut into opponents and capture their blocks, as long as they are smaller than yours
  • Utilize the speed power-up to swiftly catch up with your opponents
  • Employ the general boost to escape or close the gap with other players
  • Beware of the division sign, as it will halve your numbers
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