Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Control a ferocious shark in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night to devour unsuspecting victims and survive against other monstrous predators.

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is ready to terrify you with the survival battle of ferocious underwater animals. It's great to know that you control the most fearsome animals in the ocean while hunting and proving their unstoppable strength. Raise your shark warrior and become the ocean's master with deadly bites.

Thrilling Gameplay

Be prepared to become every underwater opponent's nightmare with a creature that cannot be bigger. It seems that due to some inhumane experiments, the sharks have become aggressive and mutated. They are released back into the cramped water to try to survive. You control your character to eat small pieces of meat and fish to grow in size. At the same time, try to eliminate other opponents to become the last survivor.

Bonus points corresponding to accumulated points will be the condition for unlocking a series of other interesting features. You can buy new sharks in the shop or upgrade the starting size for higher levels of elimination.

Some Common Questions

Q: How to control the shark in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night?

A: You just need to hold down and move the mouse in the desired direction to navigate your shark.


Q: When is it okay for a shark to bite a human?

A: Each prey, as well as the opponent, has a minimum size requirement for destruction. To know about this criterion, you move the shark to touch the object.

Q: Let's suggest some similar .io game!

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