is an immersive and thrilling free-to-play io game that plunges you into the depths of the ocean as a formidable aquatic creature. Engage in a multiplayer arena teeming with fellow fish armed with lethal tusks, as you hunt down your prey and evade the perilous jabs of rival players. Collect defeated fish as trophies, devour nourishing food to gain boosts, and establish your dominance over the vast sea.

How To Play

  • Swim through the arena, survive, and aim for longevity.
  • Use your tusk to stab and defeat other sea creatures, turning them into sushi for bonus points.
  • Collect points and multipliers by eliminating opponents and expanding the length of your tusk.
  • Unlock new skins, level up for better weapons, and gather masks and hats from fallen players.
  • Login to save progress, boost your score, and unlock more exciting items.


  • Aggressive gameplay with stabbing mechanics
  • Random bonuses for advantages
  • Defeat enemies and eat food to increase score and boost meter
  • Unlock achievements for fish and weapon upgrades