Sploop.io stands out as an exceptional game that combines village building, crafting, and intense PvP gameplay. While the PvP aspect is easy to grasp, it demands considerable skill and creates an exhilarating experience. Reach the top spot and prove your mastery. Consider forming a team with your friends to strategically overpower both enemy players and the various animals scattered throughout the game world.

How To Play

In order to construct an invincible fortress, it is crucial to gather resources and accumulate experience. This experience will enable you to unlock progressively stronger weapons and unique buildings, enhancing the excitement of battles. Automate resource collection by strategically placing windmills, or engage in epic battles against colossal bosses, who leave valuable treasures in their wake.


  • Movement = WASD / ZQSD / Arrow keys
  • Hit = Left-click
  • Auto-attack = E
  • Food (healing) = Q
  • Spike = R
  • Lock Rotation = X
  • Grid Placement = H
  • Chatting = Enter
  • Change Item = Click on the inventory
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