Hexanaut.io is an exciting io game where your goal is to expand your territory as much as possible. Exercise caution to avoid intersecting your own line and also to prevent other players from cutting through yours. Explore the map and strategically capture the totems scattered throughout, which grant valuable bonuses. How vast of an area can you conquer?

How To Play

Move across the map by using your mouse. Venture beyond your current territory to create a boundary and claim new land. Once you return to your original territory, the enclosed tiles will be yours. However, be cautious when you're outside your territory, as there is a risk involved. If another player enters your trail, they will split you apart, and you'll need to start anew.

Strive to capture at least 20% of the entire map to earn the title of Hexanaut. Once you achieve this, maintain control over your territory for a minimum of two minutes. If you succeed, victory will be yours! Keep in mind that if you are eliminated while another player holds the title of Hexanaut, you won't be able to rejoin the game.

Game Modes

  • Team-based battles
  • Free-for-all matches


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