Triangular Jump

Stop the dancing cubes with Triangular Jump's dangerous spikes. Are you ready to test your lightning reflexes? Let’s try and challenge yourself now!

Triangular Jump is an unmissable variation of the famous game Geometry Dash. According to the interesting plot of the original game, the cubes always try to find a way to overcome the spiky blocks to reach the finish line. However, in this game, you need to stop these talented "players". Your task is to adjust the jumping spikes to make those naughty cubes crumble. In a short 30 seconds, if you don't let three or more characters escape, you will win. A new round will open with more complex terrain when you complete the goal at the current level. This is also a game that challenges your reflexes and keystrokes.

Push your spikes to jump up

In Triangular Jump, you can instantly jump over all spike blocks. You can click on one of these objects to crash into the cubes and destroy them.

Tips and tricks

Although it is impossible to judge the direction of the entities' movement, you can definitely find a location where these characters will land. Usually it will be located in the area on the right side of the screen (where the cubes find a way to escape). After that, you just need to wait for those mischievous characters to appear and adjust the exact time to press the key to score points. Just keep it up for 30 seconds, come on!

The Journey in the Geometric Universe

You should not miss the experiences in Trigonometry Dash and Lobotomy Dash, two variations of Geometry Dash. If you are a fan in this community, don't forget to challenge the unique rhythm gameplay. You can try Geometry World or Geometry Meltdown to fully explore this awkwardness.

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