Geometry World

Geometry World

Start Geometry World and begin exploring the most basic challenges of the popular Geometry Dash series. Are you ready to beat this rhythm game?

Geometry World is an adventure through the poisoned and gloomy lands of a lonely cube. You will accompany this character as he tries to overcome dangerous roads. Sharp spikes, saw blades, even complex shapes, and diverse portals can make you dizzy. However, don't worry too much! Geometry World can be considered the most basic game in the popular Geometry Dash series. The length of the routes is not too long and the changes in each round are not too complicated. You can experience the game as an initial acquaintance, which will serve as a stepping stone to more difficult challenges.

The appeal of this game comes from the excitement in the background music. In particular, the movements of the tiny cube perfectly coincide with each of these musical notes. This is the unique feature that makes the game so addictive. Dance to each tune and start your impressive journey right away!

The Detailed Gameplay

Your goal in this game is to guide your cube, avoiding all dangers, to the finished line. A small mistake can cause the character to explode and the round to restart. If you want to explore once before entering the main round, you can try in practice mode. But make sure this “accessibility” works by memorizing the level's gameplay.

Controls and Some Tips

You can use the left-click, spacebar, or up arrow to maneuver your character. Remember that in each state, the character will need different navigation operations.

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