Trigonometry Dash

Trigonometry Dash

Conquer complex geometric maps with the new gameplay of Trigonometry Dash now! This platformer game promises the most unique adventure experience!

Trigonometry Dash invites you to experience the challenges of Geometry Dash with completely new gameplay. Forget the breakneck pace and countless replays to conquer levels. Now you are free to enjoy the round in your own way, explore the terrain, and reach the finish line. Maneuvering the cube, your mission is to avoid collisions with obstacles on the map and find the way to the destination. Diverse shapes create an epic journey with a series of mysteries waiting for you to uncover.

Stunning Unique Features

  • There are four main marvelous game modes: normal, time attack, monster, and blind modes. In addition, with the first level, you can participate in mirror mode with special portals.
  • Players completely manage the pace of the round. The character will only move when you press the command key.
  • Checkpoints help you restart at the last location instead of having to start over from the beginning.
  • The difficulty of the levels varies, but you don't have to unlock them sequentially. You can choose any round to challenge.


To guide your cube, you simply need to use the arrow keys to make the character perform the corresponding movements. To jump up and reach the next location, you should use key combinations in a flexible manner.

Adventure in Geometric World

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