Lobotomy Dash

Explore terrain designs like the tricky mazes of Lobotomy Dash and master creative adventure routes. Do you have enough patience to get to the end?

Lobotomy Dash will transform your experience in the world of geometry into a journey through iconic icons. The Geometry Dash universe, with its incredible difficulty, has become an icon for engaging rhythm gameplay. What do you think if these difficulty icons transform into terrain? Exactly, that is what you can find in this creative challenge. Why not start the adventure from “Easy” to “Extreme Demon” in just one round? You can completely feel this difficulty through the design of the terrain that the cube must go through.

In Lobotomy Dash, gamers' only task is to find a way to overcome the walls and stairs created by the icons. No factors that cause the round to end will affect your character, so you need not worry. You will win when you encounter a rotating symbol at the end and... return to the starting line. Are those features enough to make you want to join right away? The music in this game will intensify the excitement even more. It's okay; you can completely ignore it and continue your journey in your own way.

Control Your Cube

First of all, remember that in some segments, you will need to use flexible key combinations to be able to pass. Okay, let's get acquainted with these simple command keys and get your game on!

  • UP arrow: jump up.
  • LEFT arrow: go left (the main direction to reach the finished line).
  • RIGHT arrow: go right (backward of the main direction).

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