Only Up

Only Up

Test the limits of your skills and patience with Only Up - an endless adventure game. Prepare for a climbing journey to breathtaking heights!

Only Up invites you to join an endless climbing journey filled with promising experiences. This adventure game will take you into a virtual world full of whimsy. The bustling city is no longer a sound, and the scenery has become confusing. The floating objects seem to be trying to entice the adventurer to discover some secret. You will play this young character and start searching for the truth.

To join Only Up, all you need is a device with an internet connection and nothing else. Choose one of three game modes and customize your character's unique look. The preparations are ready; let's go!

A Guide to Play

  • Your character can reach every location in the city, as long as you can find the way.
  • You can start climbing right away or control the character around to look for other interesting things.
  • Aligning the jumping position and carefully analyzing the landing point are also extremely important.
  • If the character falls, you can continue right at that falling point, without losing.
  • Players also have the opportunity to continue right at the highest position before falling by activating the Revive feature.
  • If you join the multiplayer mode, don't worry. Those opponents will not affect your character.

How to Control

  • Mouse: look around.
  • Arrow or WASD keys: move.
  • Spacebar: jump up.

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