Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow

Join Getting Over Snow and climb a treacherous mountain using only a hammer and a pot. Prepare for rage-quitting fun (and maybe a little enlightenment)!

Getting Over Snow is a climbing game that challenges your level alignment ability. Meet the famous former US president who is trapped in a jar and trying to get out. You need to guide the character through breathtaking ice mountains to find a way out of the annoying jar. This is not an endless journey; this game has levels corresponding to the animal rescue mission. However, the game still has Endless Mode for players who want to try. Your reward points after each round will be the key to opening up a series of other attractive features.

The obstacles you may encounter are blocks of dirt, clusters of spikes, and dangerous animals. Except for adorable caged animals, other flying entities can be threats that should be avoided. Note about the ground cluster: you cannot put a hammer there, but the character can land in this location.

How to Play

Click and hold the mouse on the screen to adjust the length of the character's hammer. Remember to try to collect as many gems as possible to unlock secret gifts and new characters.

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