A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing

Ascend a whimsical yet perilous beanstalk in A Difficult Game About Climbing! Grapple with quirky platforms and reach the top in this fantastical climb.

A Difficult Game About Climbing is a climbing game that requires extreme technique and patience. You will play a character who has fallen into the sea and is trying to return to land. However, the cliffs are too high and have complex terrain. How to grip the rocks and climb up depends on your skills. Besides, determining and carefully analyzing the contact position is also an important factor in taking the correct steps.

Experience Interesting Features

  • A Difficult Game About Climbing is a game without losing. If the character falls and lands somewhere, you can still continue there.
  • The setting is a vast sea with dangerous and slippery cliffs.
  • The soundtrack is vivid in each character's movement.
  • The physics-based climbing gameplay and controls are easy to grasp but not easy to master.
  • All achievements depend on the heights you conquer.

Gameplay and Controls

All you can do in this endless virtual world is control the character to climb the cliffs. Because there is no destination, caution in each segment is essential. You can diversify the climbing method so that the character can experiment with many different paths until it is effective.

To control your character, you move the mouse to guide the arm to choose a grip position. Then, skillfully perform the climbing movement of the climber.

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