Getting Over It

Getting Over It

Getting Over It is a fan-made game based on the wildly successful Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. In this version of the game, the goal is the same, but the theme is completely different. In this cool arcade climbing game, you have to carefully use a hammer to ascend a mountain. See how far you can go before going insane by using physics to your advantage!

Getting Over It lets you play as a cat in a plant pot, climbing various colorful blocks and enormous fruits, rather than a guy in a pot navigating a punishing and surreal landscape. It's incredibly challenging and unforgiving, much like the original game!

Maneuver Your Fox

Control by using the mouse (controllers are also available but will be more challenging). As the player climbs higher and higher, the game will get harder and harder. When the player goes into space and reaches the highest point in the game, it is over. Then the game will inquire as to whether the player is recording their gameplay. If not, they will be sent to the chat room, where they can talk to other players who have finished the level.

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