House of Hazards

In the enjoyable local multiplayer game House of Hazards, participants complete household chores while avoiding hazards. How far can you go before one of your friends trips you up? In the House of Hazards, there is no such thing as safety or health. Faulty light fittings, dripping faucets, and flying toast are attacking you. It's not a nightmare, either. It is their ongoing struggle for people who live in the House of Hazards. See what insignificant household tasks you can finish today by taking action.

The Unique Gameplay

If you are in a position to create hazards, there are various ways you can make your housemates' lives miserable. They are vulnerable to attack from taps, toast, and lasers. Drop lights on their heads. Better yet, you can remove their lifeless bodies off the ground and place them in a chest.

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