Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Jump into action with Geometry Jump! Time your jumps perfectly or customize your own speed to dominate this enjoyable platformer.

Geometry Jump will refresh your geometric universe experience with “more pleasant” gameplay. Are you overwhelmed by the uncontrollable speeds of the masterpiece Geometry Dash but still want to try a similar game? Then Geometry Jump is definitely for you, with features that can't be found anywhere else.

In this game, you will go on a journey with a lonely cube. Your character wants to conquer a series of dangerous lands with super awkward terrain. Threats lie in every corner of the map and can cause the cube to explode if something goes wrong. You will face a series of obstacles, such as spiked blocks and walls. Besides, some objects, such as rings and pads, can cause the character to automatically jump up or jump from the air.

How to Play

You control the character using the mouse keys or the spacebar. Note that the main entity can transform into several other states with their own unique movement patterns. You need to get familiar with it all to make accurate command-key adjustments.

Furthermore, Geometry Jump also has the feature to adjust the pace of the game round, or the character's movement speed. You can make the round easier with this customization.

Embark on the Geometric World

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