Egg Dash

Egg Dash will take you through a map full of dangers in a world of diverse geometry. Master your best skills and start the challenge now!

Egg Dash is a user-level game by creator chipm0nk in the Geometry Dash community. The addictive nature of the rhythm gameplay and objects in the terrain can keep you hooked for hours. Let the exciting background music lead your free time to become more exciting. Players will maneuver an extremely fragile egg. Your mission is to make sure the character is safe throughout the adventure to reach the end. A small collision with spikes, sharp corners, pillars, or walls will cause your egg to break.

The diverse character system is another outstanding feature that makes Egg Dash a game you shouldn't miss. You will not need to complete any conditions and you can still choose the egg you like. Can a dinosaur egg or an ostrich egg satisfy you? Regardless, the round hinges on your skills, not the abilities of your character. Additionally, to make your achievement even more complete, focus on discovering mysterious coins and collecting them.

Control Your Egg

You navigate the character by clicking on the screen, pressing the spacebar, or using the up arrow key. Absolute keypress timing requires skill and practice.

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