FNF Music 3D

FNF Music 3D

FNF Music 3D takes the popular Friday Night Funkin' experience to a whole new dimension. Let’s feel the rhythm and conquer all the challenges!

Let FNF Music 3D lead you into the world of gripping and dancing music with mischievous notes. This music-themed game with fast-paced gameplay will definitely be a challenge for all types of players. If you are passionate about musical notes, you should not miss this engaging game. Furthermore, the experience of clear 3D graphics also gives smooth moments in every movement of the game. Get your fingers on the keys and prepare for a musical challenge you won't find anywhere else.

Discover the Fascinating Gameplay

FNF Music 3D has two game modes: Story Mode and Free Play. In Free Play, players will be able to choose songs available in the menu with different difficulty levels. You can freely adjust the difficulty to suit your skills and participate in the challenge. 

Meanwhile, Story Mode is a system of sequential songs. You will play the role of a boy passionate about music who wants to express himself. Your task is still to catch the musical notes emerging on the screen. Pay attention to the rhythm of the song and the highlights in the melody to better grasp the round. Conquer the musical notes and fulfill your dream of becoming a professional artist right now!

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