Doodle Jumping

Doodle Jumping

Leap into action with Doodle Jumping! Test your reflexes, avoid obstacles, and collect power-ups as you bounce your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Join Doodle Jumping to explore high-level challenges with unlimited platforms. Your task is just to focus on navigating the adorable character to land on safe platforms and move on. Varied terrain types can pose travel challenges, so be careful. Especially with the cracked earth steps in the middle. If your character touches these blocks, they will crumble and disappear immediately. Platforms that have drifted off the screen will not appear again.

In Doodle Jumping, you should pay attention to some other objects, such as accessibility and enemies. Springs and rockets will help your character jump or fly to impressive heights. At this point, you need to quickly analyze the terrain to find the safest landing spot. This factor comes first! You can move step by step, looking at the platforms close together, rather than trying to reach a high position and losing. Meanwhile, the monsters will leave your Doodler stunned and disoriented. You will also lose if your character encounters these enemies. By tracking your achievements, you can see your progress and stimulate your own record-breaking efforts.

How to Play

You use the left and right arrows to navigate Doodler. When approaching one of the abilities, their effects will automatically activate to assist the main character.

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