Doodle Jump Trump

Doodle Jump Trump

Take a hilarious jump into politics with Doodle Jump Trump! Bounce your way past satirical obstacles in this addictive doodle-themed game.

Doodle Jump Trump will expand your journey to conquer heights with a humorous satirical theme. You will control a familiar Doodle character with the same appearance as the former president. This is the funny element of the game. However, stay focused on your main task! The player's target is to try to keep the character jumping up as many steps as possible.

The backgrounds in Doodle Jump Trump include three main types with different characteristics. With lush green grass, your character will be safe and can stay as long as possible. In case you land on moving platforms, you can still continue even if your Doodle disappears from either side of the screen. Don't worry, because this little adventurer will appear on the opposite side. You just need to make sure the character can still land in a position where he can't fall. Note that the colored bases have cracking phenomena. If your character touches it once, it can still jump. Those blocks will immediately break off and disappear. All platforms that no longer appear on the home screen will not be able to land again.

In this challenge, you can also encounter springs that can help the character jump to more impressive heights. Try to reach the location of this object, then quickly identify the next platform to continue on.

Maneuver Your Doodle

Your "Mr. President" seemed to be very excited so he was jumping up and down continuously. You use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the character.

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