Devil Dash

Devil Dash

The demonic underworld of Level Devil Dash will let you unleash your inner divine adventurer! Let's race through this amazing platformer's fiery surprise!

Devil Dash invites you to a madness obstacle course party with secret chaotic platforms. The game is a mashup of two well-known platformers, Geometry Dash and Level Devil. In this sequel, players must use their best abilities to take control of enigmatic areas. Players control a small cube with an unwavering spirit as they make their way through interconnected worlds with epic difficulty upgrades in this game. The goal of the game is to give players an exciting and thrilling experience. To become the king of this platformer, you will have to suppress 16 stunning gates.

Navigate Your Cube

You use the arrow keys to control your character, as well as some other objects that you don’t expect.

Unlock a New Challenge

Devil Dash is a challenging game where players control a cube through 16 gates to unlock new maps. The game's appeal lies in its unpredictable challenges, with players having to improvise and crystallize experience after each failed turn. The game requires players to discover every corner of seemingly innocent platforms and move their character through them to reveal dangers. To advance to the next level with increased difficulty, players must complete the previous round.

You will completely conquer this engaging adventure game when you win Monster Gate. These gate challenges will definitely not disappoint you after experiencing a series of strange challenges before.