Level Devil

Level Devil welcomes you to the hell of must-lose-to-win platform games! Are you ready to experience one surprise after another? Let's get it!

Level Devil is a platform game with the most unexpected situations. Get ready for an endlessly stimulating journey filled with random dangers. Fascinating challenges and increasingly complex levels will overwhelm you. The main character in this challenge is an animated adventurer. Unexpected challenges will appear one after another, testing your skills and endurance.

The Creative Gameplay

Your task is to guide the character to jump over dangerous and unpredictable terrain to reach the door. This junction will lead you to more severe challenges. First, to be able to conquer Level Devil, you must have the spirit of not being afraid to play again and again. That's right, you'll have to lose to win! It sounds funny, but you don't even know what the dangers will be in these closed basements.

Embarking on a journey without knowing where it will stop, do you have the courage? After all, this is just an entertaining game and it can make your free time more interesting. The game's gameplay focuses primarily on the player's creative judgement and reflex skills. Just try, fail, then try again; eventually you will win! You will have to go through 15 encounter areas with different terrain features to reach the final evil gate.

How to Play

To control the character, you use the corresponding arrow keys: up arrow for jumping, left arrow to go left, and right arrow to go right.

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