Angry Mario

Angry Mario will release your anger with powerful shots of divine fireballs. Destroy all enemies and become the hero of the kingdom.

If you've ever enjoyed the excitement of throwing angry birds at structures, here comes a new game with a completely new look - Angry Mario! In this game, you will reunite with the brave hero in Mario's world. However, the mission is not simply to go through levels to save the pretty princess anymore. Instead, you'll face off against a pack of mischievous enemies, lurking in complex structures, ready to destroy.

Each level in Angry Mario is a new challenge, with carefully constructed structures containing dangerous monsters and obstacles. Inspired by the Angry Birds craze, this fun puzzle game not only brings the same sense of destruction but also combines it with Mario's thorough world-building. Calculating shot angle and power is an important factor in completing each level. Only when you destroy all enemies can you unlock a new round. With a limited number of shots, can you complete this difficult challenge?

Explore the Attractive Features

  • Unique combination of Angry Bird gameplay and Mario world creation.
  • A thrilling shooting experience that helps you improve your precision adjustment skills.
  • A series of levels with increasing difficulty challenge the most professional players. You can search for rounds that suit your abilities at two difficulty levels: Easy and Hard.

How to Play

You hold down the mouse in Mario's position and then move the mouse like a drag action, opposite the direction you want to shoot. After aligning the force and direction, you just need to release your hand to let Mario turn into a fireball and attack.

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