Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy

Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy

Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy takes you to dramatic and satisfying battles where you will use your aiming skills to defeat evil green pigs.

Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy is an arcade-style slingshot game. You will control angry birds to destroy green pigs and their icy structures. Use the slingshot and make the most precise alignments to destroy all enemies on the level. Get ready to board the epic ship and prepare for battle with humorous enemies across numerous wonderful lands!

Understand the Skills Gameplay

Your mission in this puzzle game is to use a slingshot to shoot angry birds at extremely solid, frozen structures built by blue pigs. Each level has a specific goal that you must complete, usually destroying all the green pigs or achieving a certain score.

You will start with basic birds, like Red. As you progress further, you will unlock different types of birds with special abilities, such as Chuck with high speed, Bomb with the ability to explode, or Matilda, who can drop bombs from above. A skillful combination of birds and precise shooting strategies are the keys to overcoming difficult levels.

How to Shoot the Birds

Controls in Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy are very simple and easy to get used to. You just need to drag and drop to adjust the shooting angle and force of the slingshot. These drag-and-drop operations give you precise control over the direction and power of your shot.

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