Angry Birds

Angry Birds

To finally get rid of the King Pig, take control of the Angry Birds and fling them about the room. You may launch your feathered companions through the air by moving and touching this life-size digital recreation of the game. To defeat the Bad Piggies across more than 50 levels of fun gaming, use your skill and judgment.

How To Play

Immerse yourself in the endless battles between the Angry Birds and their sworn adversaries, the mischievous bad pigs. These green piglets relentlessly steal the birds' precious eggs, provoking their fury and prompting the birds to launch merciless attacks on their piggy settlements. Your mission is to assist the birds in targeting and attacking the pigs hiding in their various homes. Employ precise aiming and skillful shots from the slingshot to eliminate all the pigs on each level while using the minimum number of birds.

Key Characters

The red bird is an ordinary bird with no special abilities, while the yellow bird possesses impressive acceleration capabilities. On the other hand, the black bird causes massive destruction compared to others. To triumph over the pigs, it is essential to utilize each bird wisely. For instance, the yellow bird is effective in hitting trees, while the bluebird excels at shattering ice structures.