Super Mario Flash

The most well-known plumbers in the world have been flashified! Set off on a thrilling adventure to save the stunning Flash Princess Peach from the clutches of the cunning Flash Bowser and his villainous Flash Goombas and other minions in the wondrous world of the Flash Mushroom Kingdom.

Playing as Flash Mario or Luigi, you must navigate perilous levels laden with hazards, foes, and, just like in the original games, hidden treasures and levels that contain a ton of extra coins. Jump, sprint, and use power ups to get through the obstacles in each level on your route to defeating evil and saving the day. Join the amazing quest to enjoy Super Mario Flash's fun and excitement.

How to Control

Use the arrow keys to navigate the world map's levels, and the space bar to choose. Use the left and right arrow keys to walk about, the up arrow key to leap, and the down arrow key to crouch while playing a level. Fireballs are fired with the spacebar.

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