Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D

Jump into a car in the virtual world of Traffic Jam 3D and experience the busy streets. Avoid all means to complete the goal within the allotted time!

Now you can turn that frustrating experience into endless entertainment with Traffic Jam 3D. Do you want to experience traffic jams on the highway right on your personal computer? This driving game will take you into the chaotic world of rush hour, where you will become a talented traffic controller, solving congestion and bringing all vehicles to their destination safely.

Driving in Addictive Gameplay and Features

  • Traffic Jam 3D possesses 3D graphics that realistically simulate vehicles and traffic environments. Vivid sound also contributes to a more engaging gaming experience than ever.
  • With countless diverse levels, from easy to difficult, this challenge is guaranteed to introduce you to endless hours of entertainment and will never be boring.
  • Explore and conquer challenges with many different types of vehicles; Each type has a unique shape and way of moving.

Controls and some Tips

  • [↑] or [W]: accelerate.
  • [↓] or [S]: reduce speed.
  • [←] or [A]: steer left.
  • [→] or [D]: steer right.

You can refer to some of the following tips:

  • Carefully observe the screen layout, determine the location of vehicles and exits to build a reasonable movement strategy.
  • Take advantage of obstacles such as medians and overpasses to move vehicles intelligently.
  • A spectacular graze over other vehicles can result in a higher score.

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