Tiny Cars

Tiny Cars

Become a talented traffic navigator with Tiny Cars. Let's create a peaceful city with a smooth traffic system and no unfortunate collisions!

Tiny Cars will turn you into a traffic police officer in the virtual world. This creative gameplay will make you enjoy your free time in a more interesting and exciting way. So, what is your mission? The streets in this city have a rather complicated traffic system. You will need to navigate the vehicles so that no unfortunate accidents occur.

The lanes branching into many branches will make you dizzy, and you will have to carefully consider which vehicle to stop to ensure traffic safety. When you start out, you may find traffic flow management quite simple, but don't be fooled! The following levels will become increasingly complex with more cars and faster movement speeds, requiring you to have quick reflexes and strategic thinking ability.

Your task is not simply to stop or run the vehicle but also to predict and handle potentially dangerous situations. Each time you pass a difficult level, you will feel satisfied, and your traffic control skills will improve.

Stop the Vehicle

You click on the vehicles once to make them stop. When there are favorable conditions to move, you just need to click again.

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