Eggy Car

Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a great driving game where players must control a car with an egg on top through a variety of challenging levels without cracking the egg. Drive carefully to help your car carry the egg as quickly as it can over the hills! Driving safely and without breaking the eggs are your goals as you play. In this game, you must manage a safe distance and speed while negotiating difficult mountainous terrain in order to keep the egg from falling out of the car. You must also collect coins while moving in order to boost your level.

How to Control

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to accelerate or decelerate if you play Eggy Car on a computer: 

  • [A] or [←] = Go backward.
  • [D] or [→] = Go forward.

Tapping the gas pedal and the brake pedal if you play on a mobile phone.

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