Neon Racer

Speed through neon-lit tracks in Neon Racer! Drift, boost, and dodge opponents as you race for the win in this flashy racing game.

Neon Racer will challenge your ultimate balancing skills with physics-based gameplay in an engaging driving experience. Immerse yourself on magical and colorful neon roads and prove your top driving skills. You will maneuver a motorcycle through winding roads with the goal of reaching the finish line successfully. Also, try to collect sparkling gems to buy new motorbikes at the in-game shop. You will become a master of Neon Racer if you can conquer all 30 difficult levels.

It's challenging, but the experiences in this game will have unexpected appeal. Difficult segments will stimulate your spirit of conquest. No matter how many attempts it takes, as long as you are determined, a complete victory is only a matter of time. Furthermore, players can also practice their patience and meticulousness. Because it is necessary to maintain absolute balance for the main entity, being hasty is not advisable. If your motorcycle flips over, the round will end immediately.

The Unique Features

  • Physics-based gameplay, with a journey through beautiful neon roads.
  • 30 challenging levels ranging in difficulty from basic to nearly impossible.
  • Many motorcycles in the store with different skins make your rounds never boring.
  • The number of stars determines your performance in each round.


To navigate the main entity, you use the arrow keys. You use the left and right arrows to guide the movement of the motorcycle. Meanwhile, you can adjust your vehicle's gravity using the two up and down arrow keys.

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