Rocket Game

Rocket Game pushes you into an exciting adventure! Pilot your rocket through challenging levels and avoid obstacles as you soar towards the stars.

Rocket Game is a physics-based driving game with experiences traveling through dangerous roads. Steep slopes and bumpy hills will make your journey even more spectacular. Furthermore, some special terrain may require many turns of effort to overcome. Where skill and patience come first with complex changes in each adventure path. You can only know what challenges await as you progress and open up new difficult terrain.

Your off-road vehicle in Rocket Game may overturn but it will not cause you to lose the round. New levels will open as you navigate the vehicle to the finish line. If the main entity falls into the ocean, you must replay the round. In particular, your car can also make a momentum jump and shoot away like a rocket. This is the differentiating factor that makes this challenge appealing. The incredible adventure through complex platforms will make the game addictive before you know it. Immerse yourself in these unique experiences to make your leisure time more exciting.

How to play

To control your off-road vehicle, use the following keys:

  • UP arrow: go straight; press and hold to accelerate.
  • DOWN arrow: going backwards, usually to gain momentum.
  • LEFT arrow: lean left.
  • RIGHT arrow: lean right.
  • SPACEBAR: rocket mode, press and hold to adjust the "firing" force for this special vehicle.

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