Tiny Rogues

Conquer brutal dungeons in Tiny Rogues, a challenging bullet hell where every run is unique. Build a new hero with each attempt to overcome enemies.

Are you ready for a tough survival adventure in the colorful pixelated world of Tiny Rogues? Players will satisfy their warrior instincts with high-paced gameplay. You will need to constantly fight, dodge, and launch intense attacks. The goal in this game is to crush hordes of aggressive monsters in cramped rooms, turning the screen into a chaotic dance of skills and damage. Closed terrain will limit the character's range of action, so you need to have smart strategies.

By joining Tiny Rogues, you can also unlock diverse treasures of items, weapons, and skills. Try to unlock ten character classes with unique fighting abilities, from fierce warriors and powerful magicians to elite snipers. With a series of amazing skills and weapons, you can create your own unique gameplay and become the number-one warrior. Are you confident enough to overcome the survival game with dangerous dungeons and challenging boss battles? Dive into this captivating retro atmosphere and prove your combat prowess with masterful tactics!

Control Your Character

  • Move with WASD keys.
  • Attack with the left-click button.
  • Dash with the spacebar.
  • Use bombs with the Q key.
  • Pick up items with the E key.
  • Open the inventory with the F key.
  • Drag and drop the weapons with the right-click button.

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