Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2

Get ready for the highly anticipated sequel, Cursed Treasure 2! This enhanced edition of Cursed Treasure brings improved gameplay and an array of new levels to conquer. Your mission remains unchanged: protect your precious gems from enemies, formidable champions, and powerful bosses by strategically constructing towers.

Cursed Treasure 2 offers an abundance of features and gameplay enhancements compared to its popular predecessor. Safeguard your gems against the forces of evil by strategically placing a variety of towers. Each placement decision carries weight as you consider the unique attributes of each tower and manage your available funds. 

How To Play

The new version of the game introduces 24 levels to play with a diverse range of tower types. Each tower comes with unique statistics and damage values, allowing you to assess their effectiveness against specific enemy types. The available tower types in this version include:

  • Den
  • Crypt
  • Temple

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to unlock various abilities and upgrades. Enhance your gameplay by purchasing upgrades such as increased storage capacity and mana refills, enabling you to strategically place more towers and unleash powerful attacks.