Cursed Treasure 1.5

Cursed Treasure 1.5

Cursed Treasure 1.5 is an exciting tower defense game where you must defend your treasures from crafty thieves. Enjoy 15 new levels as you protect your gems from waves of attackers. Your objective is to ensure at least one gem remains in your possession at the end of each level.

How To Play

Certain towers can only be constructed on specific surfaces. Green towers are suitable for grass, blue towers for ice land, and red towers for rocks. Remember to match the tower color with the corresponding surface color: green to green, blue to blue, and red to red.

Additionally, towers can be built on hills within the area or on building sites marked with flags that display the three colors. By constructing towers on steam sources, you can acquire additional mana, which can be utilized to cast curses and enhance your defenses.

Keep in mind that certain enemies like ninjas or angels possess the ability to traverse tunnels or fly over water. However, once they have acquired a gem, they can only travel by foot.


  • Variety of levels
  • Different layouts and enemy types
  • Unlock new skills and spells