The Ultimate Martian Roulette

Experience the feeling of suffocation in every round of The Ultimate Martian Roulette. This exciting simulation game will test your unbelievable luck!

The Ultimate Martian Roulette will make your leisure time breathtaking! Get ready for a gun showdown right at a roundtable conference. There are no moments of fierce combat or dramatic gunfights; all you need to do is leave it to fate. You will enter a room with four other characters; it seems they are all AI and are trying to take you down in any way. Pick up your gun and enter this survival battle now!

You can track the probability of hitting in each shot on the gameboard of The Ultimate Martian Roulette. Of course, the smaller the number on your turn, the more profitable it is. The round ends when only one character remains alive. The scoring mechanism in this challenge depends on your choices, with three diverse options. Each round will have its own features to help players increase their achievements and eliminate some dangerous situations. Pay attention to tracking probabilities to make reasonable accessibility choices. If the probability of losing is high, you should not choose features with great value, and vice versa.

How to Play

The characters will take turns taking their turns. When it's your turn, just click on one of the accessibility options or scoring methods to be ready. Then, click on the word “Ready” in the gun in the bottom corner of the screen. Finally, press the key again to play your turn. If it's safe, you will continue the round; otherwise, just open a new round and enjoy again!

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