Gangster Roulette

Gangster Roulette

Players who are confident about their luck will not be able to miss Gangster Roulette. This dramatic simulation game will thrill you at every turn!

The thrill of every moment with Gangster Roulette will offer unprecedented thrills. If you join alone, enjoy the heart-stopping arcade game with every breath in the arcade mode. Or, if you want to challenge your luck with another player on the same device, let’s try the versus mode. You can find every option to make your relaxing time more dramatic with this game. Then, choose a character that can best express your strong personality. And then, it's time to start raising your guns!

Gameplay and Controls

The round of Gangster Roulette opens with two players and a pistol placed on the table. Next, you need to put four bullets into the loop, depending on your preference or strategy. Two players will alternately take turns in this scenario. In case a bullet hits a character, that player forfeits the game. If you are in single-player mode, you will continue playing with another opponent if you win. But in two-player mode, the game will end as soon as victory or defeat is determined.

To install the gun into the loop, you just need to choose one of the available holes. During the main round, you can choose one of these options: Pull the Trigger (your character will receive the shot), spin (return the barrel), or Go Rogue (point the gun at the opponent).

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