Sniper Shooter 2

Sniper Shooter 2

Climb to the rooftops of Sniper Shooter 2 and experience a shooting game like no other. Can you control your soldiers and win glory? Let’s aim and shoot!

Sniper Shooter 2 will turn you into a super spy with deadly attacks, taking you on intense and challenging missions. In the role of an elite gunner, you will have to take down the bad guys who are plotting to invade the ship. Be prepared for sharp and accurate shots to kill enemies and become a master sniper.

Explore the Engaging Gameplay

Each level in Sniper Shooter 2 offers unique combat positions, with difficulty increasing with each mission. You need to analyze the situation carefully before taking action to ensure each attack is most effective. Strategy and acumen will be the keys to successfully completing your mission.

The rewards after each level are important tools to help you upgrade your weapons. Powerful guns with impressive destructive power will help you deal with more difficult challenges. Don't forget to equip your character with the best weapons to be ready to face any enemy.

How to Shoot

When you see a controller appear on the screen, hold down on it and move the mouse to adjust the view. Then, just release your hand to let your character attack.

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