Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

Let’s blast your opponents with a variety of weapons and power-ups in the fast-paced multiplayer shooter game, Gun Mayhem Redux!

Gun Mayhem Redux will take you into the challenge of professional gunmen with dramatic and fierce gameplay rounds. Becoming a warrior in the virtual world, you will need to do everything to destroy your opponents. The game requires flexible improvisation to perform effective attacks. In each turn, your character will have five lives with a certain number of attacks. To strengthen your weapons, you need to unlock mysterious boxes that appear from time to time. You must direct the character to move continuously to combine dodge and attack effectively.

How To Play

Two entrancing game modes

In the world of Gun Mayhem Redux, you can challenge technical AI in diverse lands. The fight through forests, steppes, and other complex terrains all has its own attractions. Furthermore, you can also participate in the game in two modes: Single-player and Custom Game.

  • Ten levels make up the single-player mode, which you must unlock one after another through spectacular victories.
  • Custom mode has three options: Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. In particular, option 1 needs players to stay until the end to win; option 2 is a team duel; and option 3 requires agility to become the first player to reach the point limit.


You use the arrow keys to direct the character's movement. Your warrior can use weapons to perform a primary shoot with the Z key and a secondary shoot with the X key.

Take the Gun and Start Shooting

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