Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2 is a first-person shooter game that introduces a unique gameplay mechanic. In this game, time remains frozen until you initiate movement. Take advantage of this feature to carefully plan your shots and maneuvers. Engage in epic combat where you can dodge enemy fire and navigate the map using time manipulation to gain an edge over your opponents. 

How To Play

Choose the most suitable weapon for the task at hand and navigate the map, skillfully eliminating enemies while maintaining precise control over time through your movements. Adapt to the situation and utilize any object as a weapon to overcome challenges with confidence.

In a unique offering for a specific level, you have the opportunity to acquire unlimited ammunition or invincibility by simply watching a brief advertisement.


  • Stunning visuals 
  • Immersive sound design 
  • Special effects
  • Epic boss battles 
  • Compelling storyline with intriguing plot twists

Tips To Win

  • Assess your surroundings before making any movements.
  • Prioritize eliminating long-range enemies first, unless faced with immediate danger.
  • Choose the most appropriate weapon for each task; for instance, the AK-47 is ideal for handling multiple gun-wielding enemies.
  • Stay vigilant for potential threats posed by enemy combatants ready to engage in a firefight.
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